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Using a photograph taken by DANNY CAREY nearly 20 years ago – the design of his new tee shirt contains several elements associated with the enduring mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau in the south of France.  It was in 1891 that the impoverished parish priest of a tiny Pyrenean village discovered something that enabled him to acquire great wealth.  His initial find is believed to have been coded parchments that were sealed and hidden inside a column that supported the 11th-century church’s ancient altar stone.  Once deciphered, certain anomalies in the Latin Biblical text revealed pentagonal geometry that hinted to a vast pentagram of natural landscape features in the area that some consider to be the perfect location to conceal something of earth-shaking importance.  

Although it is still not know exactly what it was that dramatically changed the priest’s fortunes, he may have left behind clues in the bewildering mass of garish, near blasphemous religious imagery. Among the phantasmagoric Christian iconography designed by the priest while refurbishing the dilapidated church is a frightening plaster demon that still greets visitors in the doorway.  He has been identified as ASMODEUS, the legendary guardian of hidden treasures and custodian of secrets. With its ingeniously embedded enigmatic clues, many believe that the church itself is a treasure map that the obstinate and mischievous priest devised to immortalize the secret of his sudden riches.

Yet, with the priest’s many nocturnal excavations and other strange behavior, the bizarre decorations in the church might actually be a REVERSE treasure map.  As strange as this concept might seem, in a place of mirror opposites, the persistent theme of treasure and death (death and treasure) offer oblique hints of a powerful secret shared throughout history by a privileged few.




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  • 5

    Posted by James R Gillespie on 31st Jan 2022

    My appreciation for what Danny does has gone through the roof lately. If an octopus can entertain me like he does, the least I can do is support his causes. I wore this shirt to the Denver show and was surprised at how many people knew exactly what it represented. The twist of a story behind it is pretty damn cool. i learn something new every single day.

  • 5
    Asmodeus T Shirt

    Posted by Joe Johnston on 26th Jan 2022

    Awesome! High quality material and very crisp and clear image. Getting ready to order a couple other designs. Thanks guys.

  • 5

    Posted by CT on 25th Jan 2022

    Super fast shipping, high quality, stunning image. DC is an absolute legend and I am so happy to support. \M/

  • 5
    Asmodeus t-shirt

    Posted by Alex Zuniga on 11th Feb 2021

    It's a fantastic symmetrical image on a really comfortable material shirt. The great king smiles upon it.

  • 5
    Great Shirts

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Sep 2020


  • 5
    Wonderful rich colors!

    Posted by Andres Castro on 8th Sep 2020

    The detail is kick ass and it's a super soft shirt that absolutely captures the wandering eye and makes one think. A one of a kind tee

  • 5
    Just what I expected!

    Posted by on 26th Oct 2019

    Awesome product, delivered at a quick rate, all around awesome product and service

  • 5
    Great design!! Stands out from the rest.

    Posted by Eric Channell on 11th Oct 2019

    If you want something to wear that not everyone has, look no further. Cool Designs,Awesome sacred geometry and A touch of the occult.. can’t beat it!!

  • 5
    I am Anitiate...

    Posted by Solid Snake on 24th Aug 2019

    Very refreshing shirt. Spot on quality. Quite pleased.