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The specialty printer recently finished and delivered DANNY CAREY’S coffee table-style book entitled “REMEMBER THE FUTURE.”  Along with Danny’s essay on collecting vintage synthesizers, the limited edition hardcover contains wonderful glossy full-color photos (by Duncan Blake) of Danny’s impressive collection of synths (many being modular behemoths!), electronic percussion and related electronics.  The book also contains articles by synth experts and historians, including BRIAN KEHEW, JACK DANGERS, DARREL JOHANSEN, CHRIS PITMAN and PETER GRENADER.  Besides editing the book (with assistance by Greg Taylor), I (Blair MacKenzie Blake) have also contributed a few articles about my own experience with analog circuitry.  

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  • 4
    Great Book

    Posted by Simon Worth on 15th Jun 2020

    Great book, no complaints at all. Lots of great pictures and good stories.

  • 5
    best coffee table book

    Posted by jared on 7th Jun 2020

    Great little book with a combination of history and personal experience.

  • 4
    I did not receive the autograph card

    Posted by on 19th Oct 2019

    I tried calling the number on the website but have not heard any reply I did not receive my autograph card

  • 4
    I called the number on the website because I did not receive my autographed card with this book

    Posted by Myron Walters on 18th Oct 2019

    I never received my autograph card with this book I left a message on the phone number on the website asking to please ship this to me

  • 5
    Great read

    Posted by Adam Ritchie on 3rd Oct 2019

    Never realized how awesome vintage synthesizers were, thanks Danny.

  • 5
    Historic - EPIC

    Posted by Matt M on 10th Sep 2019

    This book will be an inspiration for other drummers and musicians who look up to Danny Carey and his art. Epic history about various synthesizer's and the musicians who play them. Best Purchase this YEAR.

  • 5
    Great Quality! Fast delivery!

    Posted by John Brock on 8th Sep 2019

    Still haven't had an opportunity to full soak up and read the entire book. It is a high quality pressing.. it was delivered quickly.. and from the looks of it, could serve as an ideal primer for the uninitiated, as it relates to synths.

  • 5
    Nice Book

    Posted by Sam on 9th May 2019

    Great looking book. Well Done Danny. However I didn't get the signed card that was in the description. Kind of a bummer.

  • 4
    beautiful book

    Posted by eric on 6th May 2019

    really great book - very special. disappointed no autograph came with it, but i bought taking that risk. i'd update the description indicating no more autographs available, so you dont disappoint future purchasers. again great book!