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Featuring diagrams of both the magic circle and triangle of Solomon as shown in Aleister Crowley’s translation of an ancient grimoire. The triangle served as a spirit trap for the legendary king to attract and capture Djinn. In a letter sent by Crowley to Kenneth Grant, he mentions an “initiated interpretation” of ceremonial magic that is notably rationalistic. This explanation supposes that the process of “evocation” involved with Goetic Summons stimulates and activates specific sections of human neural circuitry (regions of the brain) that are responsible for acquiring knowledge of diverse subjects as well as for learning and mastering particular skills. The sigil ‘chosen’ for the new tee is that of PAIMON, who teaches the “arts and Sciences, and other secret things.” 





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  • 5

    Posted by Mark Wingfield on 21st Dec 2021

    Great shirt! 1st time I wore it the publix cashier commented saying, “That’s an interesting shirt “. That started a conversation about Danny, Tool and other music. Made my day sharing Danny and Tool and Orbit Culture with some cool Publix employees

  • 5
    My Dendrites are Excited

    Posted by Michael P. O'Donnell on 24th Nov 2021

    As a quasi chemist and a music enthusiast this shirt is perfect. I’m thinking the chemical process of “evocation” via Goetic Summoning may have connections to gene expression in the brain possibly. I’m no neuroscientist but I am familiar with brain activity and new neurological pathways. It was believed that the brain elasticity stopped around age 25 or so, but now it is understood that the brain creates new pathways into old age. I have a longing desire to get better at the guitar or even master it one day. Grandma Moses didn’t start painting until she was 80 years old. Follow your dreams and don’t give up because age doesn’t restrict the ability to grow and develop new skills and talents. Whether you use magic or hard work, dreams are obtainable. The Shades of Goetia tee is an inspiration for me to continue to keep learning and practice my skills and maybe someday my skills and talents will inspire others. Thanks DC.

  • 5
    Killer Shirt

    Posted by Mark Di Lauro on 21st Nov 2021

    What a killer design on this shirt. Fits great, soft material and happy to support DC!

  • 5
    Best shirt ever

    Posted by Chris on 20th Nov 2021

    So happy with this shirt!

  • 5
    Shades of Goetia

    Posted by Roger Fields on 19th Nov 2021

    Love this shirt Allister Crowley signs anything danny likes is pretty fucking cool

  • 5
    Shades of goetia

    Posted by Emily Colwell on 19th Nov 2021

    Beautiful shirt and very soft. Proud to own it!